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Elegant Patio and Deck Lighting, Northwest Atlanta

There’s more to outdoor lighting than placing a few outlets on the deck and plugging in light strings and lamps. It’s about highlighting the best features of your outside landscape, blending the lighting into the deck and landscape seamlessly, and ensuring it’s done right. By working with the best outdoor lighting specialists in Northwest Atlanta, you’re adding beautiful and functional dimensions to the outdoor spaces in your yard.

Deck lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Enhanced Living

Adding lighting to your patio or deck extends its livability well beyond sunset and into the night in the spring and fall when outdoor living is so pleasant, and even into the winter around a cozy fire pit. We work closely with you to discover how you use the outdoor spaces and design the lighting to enhance its livability, whether you want a cozy corner for nighttime solitude or a social area to entertain your friends and family.

Safety and Security

Beyond increasing the functionality and enjoyment of the outdoors, professional outdoor lighting design and installation increases everyone’s safety from what’s hidden to the obvious. Our pros meet every code and requirement for waterproofing, electrical safety and energy efficiency. Strategically placed target lighting and timers increase yard safety for everyone and help deter unwanted guests.

Aesthetic Value

Professionally designed outdoor lighting makes your home as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside. Our experts can help you design it to reflect your personal style and taste to make it uniquely yours.

As much enjoyment as you’ll get from it, you’re likely to see a tangible value when it’s time to sell your home down the road. For many buyers, the yard is just as important as the home, and while their chief buying decisions may be cloaked in the house itself, the landscape plays a driving role in their interest and motivation surrounding a property.

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